How to Donate?


The Barclay Grounds Preservation Alliance was incorporated as a Pennsylvania non-profit organization in December 2013.  The BGPA has also filed for charitable (501 (c) 3) status which, if granted, will be retroactive to the date of the BGPA’s incorporation.

Donations made to the Barclay Grounds Preservation Alliance are considered final and will not be returned. Should the Borough of West Chester abort the acquisition of the Barclay Grounds (e.g. if the shortfall between any grants received and the purchase price is not adequately covered by public donations) the BGPA will allocate donated funds between other West Chester Borough charities.

If the Borough completes the purchase and the amount that the BGPA raises is more than needed to cover the gap between the grant funding obtained and the purchase price, then that excess will be donated to the Borough to cover the future operating costs for the park.

Donor should consult with their tax accountant in advance to determine the deductibility of any donation.

Paper Checks:

Please, make your check payable to: The Barclay Grounds Preservation Alliance

Send it to: The Barclay Grounds Preservation Alliance

                  Treasurer: Bill Lynch

                  526 N. Church St

                  West Chester, PA 19380

Credit Card Payments: