Adopt – a-Tree Program

38 trees available on a first-come first-served basis

Barclay Park is home to some magnificent specimen trees.  The National Registry of Historic Places cites the number and variety of specimen trees on the property as strong evidence that Hartshorne intended this property to showcase uncommon native and non-native trees.  Some of these trees are over 150 years old.

There are 38 specimens and these have been classified by size. Individual trees are available for “adoption.”  The name of the adopting person/ family/ business will be identified by a plaque affixed to the tree (note – this will not damage the tree).  The plaque will also display the common and scientific names of the tree. It will be approximately 4” high x 6” wide and will be mounted on the trees a little above head height.   The plaques will be attractive and durable from weather and vandals. The BGPA will procure, mount, and maintain the tree plaques.

  • Heritage
  • Landmark
  • Evergreen
  • Shade
  • Ornamental
  • Special

Please select the tree category you would like sponsor.

Name listed on plaque